#GreenSportsDay - Miami Dolphins

#GreenSportsDay - Miami Dolphins
October 6, 2019
Posted by:
Jessica Crawford

Miami Dolphins & Hard Rock Stadium

  • Hard Rock Stadium is now committed to phase out 99.4% of single-use plastics by 2020, including for Super Bowl LIV. On December 22, the venue will be the NFL’s first to feature 20oz sustainable draft cups by Ball Corporation, eliminating more than 500,000 plastic cups annually. This will eliminate more than 2.8 million pieces of plastic annually including more than 600,000 plastic bottles. The effort is in collaboration with partners Centerplate and PepsiCo.
  • As a proud member of the Green Sports Alliance, Hard Rock Stadium could host the Super Bowl with the lowest carbon footprint. The venue sustains a high diverted waste percentage annually through innovative sustainability efforts. This includes bio digesters and composting through liquid food digesters. Furthermore, kitchen oil is recovered into bio fuel, creating renewable energy. The facility sources products from local farms and donates its excess food to local missions. Additionally, the stadium has a no plastic straw policy, waterless urinals and touchless sensor faucets, sorting and recycling as well as energy-efficient LED lighting, and a reduction on paper from mobile tickets and payments.