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We believe the sports sector, with its global appeal and influential reach, has the power to drive significant environmental change.

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GSA History

14 years of sustainable progress and behavior change

We encourage the sports industry and its partners to measure, mitigate, and advance their sustainability and social impact.


The Green Sports Alliance was conceived and founded by Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Inc. and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Inaugural members and partners of the Alliance include the Seattle Seahawks, Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle Sounders FC, Seattle Mariners, Seattle Storm, Vancouver Canucks, the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Green Building Services, and Milepost Consulting.

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The Green Sports Alliance celebrates its national launch date of March 21, 2011. In August, the first Green Sports Alliance Summit is held in Portland, Oregon.


Green Sports Alliance proclaims October 6th the inaugural Green Sports Day with support from The White House, President Barack Obama, and the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

On October 6th the Green Sports Alliance unites the global sports community by making a call for climate action in the sports industry and to bring awareness to the sports greening movement already in action.

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On Earth Day in 2018, Green Sports Alliance Japan launched as an independent organization. Nestled in the foothills of Mt. Fuji, it is headquartered on Lake Kawaguchiko and is led by Executive Director, Mr. Haruki Sawada.


Led by the Green Sports Alliance and supported by its Foundation, the Playing for the Next Generation campaign was launched to advance the mission making sustainable behaviors and practices relatable and inspiring.

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Green Sports Alliance and Arc teamed up to launch Play to Zero. It is an ambitious, global initiative to engage, inspire, and celebrate the sport industry's progress toward net-zero carbon and more resilient sports venues, teams, and leagues.

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115 sports teams green light sustainable action on #GreenSportsDay.


The Green Sports Alliance hosted its 12th Annual Summit in the globes first net-zero sports arena, Climate Pledge Arena.

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GSA Moving Forward

Promoting health, sustainable communities

Our members leverage passionate fan bases across the globe to create meaningful change. We provide a universal platform that catalyzes awareness and action.

GSA Team

Meet the champions of change

Meet our dedicated team, the driving force behind our programs and initiatives. These champions of change are committed to transforming the world of sports and entertainment, one green step at a time.

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GSA Board

Pioneers in the green sports movement

Our Board of Directors combines diverse expertise with a shared passion for eco-friendly sports, leading the way in innovation and impactful industry change. They're not just decision-makers, they're pioneers of the green sports movement.

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