Green Sports Alliance Foundation

Green Sports Alliance Foundation

Uniting for Impact

Sustainable Play, Sustainable Future

With a focus on promoting sustainable behaviors in sports, the Foundation not only champions green initiatives but also inspires communities worldwide to adopt eco-friendly practices. Be a part of this game-changing movement

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Foundation Initiatives

Empowering change through engagement

Through our programs, we aim to educate and empower the next generation of sports enthusiasts and professionals about the importance of environmental stewardship.

Youth Engagement

We collaborate with organizations to provide youth educational programs promoting healthy, sustainable communities using sports as the catalyst.

Athlete Engagement

We engage with current and former athletes to amplify the sports greening movement.

Fan Engagement

We implement programs that align the social and environmental values held by influencers in sports to promote fan engagement and behavior change.

Support a sustainable future in sports and entertainment

Meet Our Visionaries

The Green Sports Alliance Foundation Board of Directors

Comprised of a diverse group of leaders from various sectors, including sports, environmental sustainability, business, and academia, our Board members are united by a common passion: to leverage the power of sports for environmental stewardship.