Celebrating Green Sports Day with the Green Sports Alliance

Celebrating Green Sports Day with the Green Sports Alliance
October 4, 2022
Shay Strawser


Celebrating Green Sports Day with the Green Sports Alliance

October 4th, 2022: Portland, OR -- Over 100 Green Sports Alliance (GSA) teams and venues are lighting green on October 6th in observance of Green Sports Day to green light sustainable action across the globe.

The global sustainable sports community is coming together to leverage the power of sports to increase awareness and action on the most pressing environmental and social challenges our world faces. GSA is partnering with South Pole to offset the energy used to light facilities green.“The Seattle Seahawks and Lumen Field are proud to support Green Sports Day and the Green Sports Alliance by coming together to raise awareness for the importance of sustainability.,” said Christy Briggs, Logistics and Sustainability Manager for the Seahawks and Lumen Field and GSA Board Member. “We believe our impact on the environment is exponentially greater as we seek to educate and inspire our fans to implement the reduction strategies that we use in-stadium in their own personal homes and workplaces.”The Green Sports Alliance is advancing its partnership with the Sanneh Foundation by gifting 200 reusable fabric bags to the kids and families in St. Paul, Minnesota (thesannehfoundation.org). Recycled from fabric signage at the 2022 Green Sports Alliance Summit, the reusable bags are given another life, rather than heading to a landfill, in partnership with The Vomela Companies (vomela.com). Vomela went above and beyond to ensure the circularity of signage at the Summit.Climate action is a team sport. Join the many athletes, advocates, and fans by sharing your organization's #GreenSportsDay message on social media. Learn more about the sports teams celebrating Green Sports Day at greensportsalliance.org/greensportsday.


Join the green sports community in its Play to Zero platform, taking strides towards net-zero energy, water, and waste with the GSA sustainability performance toolkit (greensportsalliance.org/play-to-zero).

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About Green Sports Alliance:

The Green Sports Alliance (GSA) leverages the cultural and market influence of sports to promote healthy, sustainable communities where people live and play. The GSA inspires professional sports leagues, sports governing bodies, colleges, teams, venues, their partners, and millions of fans to embrace renewable energy, healthy food, recycling, water efficiency, safer chemicals, and other environmentally preferable practices. Through its marquee event greening division, GSA delivers best-in-class sustainable productions to minimize environmental impacts and maximize community legacies, driving scalability and replications across the industry. Visit greensportsalliance.org for more information.

Statement from the Green Sports Alliance:“Given the incredible honor and responsibility bestowed upon the sports industry by President Barack Obama on October 6th in 2016, we have the opportunity to leverage the power of sports to minimize the impact from emissions in stadiums, arenas, and communities where we live, work and play.On this Green Sports Day in 2022, we want to inspire a just transition to a circular economy with renewable energy, water conservation, and waste diversion at the top of mind to ensure a healthy environment for our communities. Join us in Playing for the Next Generation as we share climate awareness with sports fans and encourage sustainable action within the sports industry.”– Roger McClendon, Executive Director of the Green Sports Alliance

About South Pole:South Pole, recognised by the World Economic Forum as a Social Enterprise, has been at the forefront of decarbonization since 2006. With its global climate solutions platform, South Pole develops and implements comprehensive strategies that turn climate action into long-term business opportunities for companies, governments and organisations around the world.South Pole is also a leading project developer, and has provided nearly 1,000 projects in over 50 countries with climate finance to reduce over a gigaton of CO2 emissions, and to provide social benefits to less privileged communities who are particularly vulnerable to climate change.

For more information, visit www.southpole.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Statement from South Pole:“Few things bring people together like sports. That makes sports an ideal vehicle to effect societal change. We’re extremely excited to be helping the Green Sports Alliance turn the sporting world green.”– Nick Aster, Marketing Director of South Pole (North America)###

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