Vestas 11th Hour Racing Publishes Sustainability Report

Vestas 11th Hour Racing Publishes Sustainability Report
October 2, 2018
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By Vestas 11th Hour Racing

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Vestas 11th Hour Racing has issued the team’sSustainability Report, detailing the efforts throughout the one-year campaign that made them the most sustainable team to ever compete in the Volvo Ocean Race. The 33-page report dives deeply into their strategy and plan, giving insights into how they tracked and offset their carbon footprint while offering practical ideas and tools to inspire other sailors, teams, and event organizers.“In the face of incredible adversity throughout their year-long journey, Vestas 11th Hour Racing set the bar for other Volvo Ocean Race teams to follow: competitive on the water, leading the way along the path of sustainability and leaving each host city a little better than when they arrived. Charlie, Mark and the rest of the team developed and implemented several tools which are being adopted by their peers and other sailors around the world. Building off of this partnership together, we are creating a network of educated sports fans around the world who bring their local solutions to global challenges facing the health of our waters.” - Jeremy Pochman, Co-Founder and Strategic Director, 11th Hour Racing.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Thorough tracking and reporting of the team’s carbon footprint, which was compensated for with a blue carbon program that restores ocean health.
  • A full understanding of the team’s waste footprint including the rig lost at sea during the Southern Ocean dismasting, and trash removed by the team at beach cleanups worldwide.
  • The benefits of using a Life Cycle Assessment tool to understand the environmental impact of boat repairs.
  • dock, the team base, and The analysis of the team’s onshore water footprint, tracking usage at the team workshop.

Read the full report here.