USOC Training Facility Renovations to Enhance Performance & Sustainability

USOC Training Facility Renovations to Enhance Performance & Sustainability
April 30, 2013
Posted by:
Alex Tryon

The United States Olympic Committee has broken ground on a $5.8 million, 37,500 square-foot strength and conditioning addition at their training facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado that will improve the sustainability of operations at the campus. The green building in the new addition will include:

  • Electrochromatic self-tinting glass that reduces the need for air conditioning by decreasing the impact of direct sunlight and sun glare on the interior of the building
  • Automatic occupancy sensors to reduce extraneous energy uses in parts of the building that are unoccupied
  • Single-stream recycling to divert more waste from landfills
  • Low-flow water heads and bathroom fixtures
  • Future installation of a photovoltaic solar array on the roof of the facility

The USOC will also make $2.4 million in renovations and improvements at the adjacent sports medicine and recovery area. The construction is slated to be completed by the third quarter of the year.“It’s important to note that this came from the athletes themselves,” said Kirsten Volpi, chief administrative officer for the USOC. “The main thing we do is support athletes, and today’s athletes come from a world where sustainability has increased importance.”Read the full article here.