UPS Steps Up Sustainability Efforts

UPS Steps Up Sustainability Efforts
August 10, 2015
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Last week, UPS announced that it will buy as much as 46 million gallons of renewable diesel over the next three years. Renewable diesel products are made from an array of bio-based sources, including palm and waste oils, and animal fats. They are chemically so close to conventional diesel that they can replace the fuel in engines and pipelines, performing as well or better than petroleum-based diesel.This step will help the company reach a goal of displacing 12 percent of the petroleum-based fuels in its ground fleet by 2017. UPS also hopes that actions like this will help encourage investment in the technologies needed to reduce the cost of renewable diesel and increase adoption.This is a new accomplishment for UPS, building on the ongoing sustainability work that it has established. UPS has worked with the NCAA for several years, helping to green their organization and individual schools’ operations. From shipping goods, to transportation solutions, to ticket sales and distribution, UPS is creating efficiencies that help the organizations’ bottom line and use their resources more effectively.UPS has also released a Corporate Sustainability Report every year since 2002. Their 2014 Report was released last week and is available for download on UPS’s sustainability website.Rhonda Clark, UPS’s Chief Sustainability Officer, is featured in a video on their website, along with infographics relating to their progress. Among their achievements and continued goals:

  • UPS now has 5,000 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles
  • In 2014, UPS coordinated 263 relief shipments across 43 countries
  • By the end of 2020, UPS aims to reduce carbon intensity from transportation by 20%
  • UPS has a goal of 20 million volunteer hours by the end of 2020

UPS is a partner of the Green Sports Alliance and many Alliance members and shares the commitment to the people and communities they serve. Read more about their sustainability efforts at