Sustainability: A Crucial Topic for Sporting Goods Consumers

Sustainability: A Crucial Topic for Sporting Goods Consumers
December 1, 2016
Posted by:
Kelley Martin

German market research company Konzept & Markt recently released a study on “The consumer’s perspective on transforming the sports goods market”.The study interviewed 3,500 sporting goods customers, which makes it one of the largest studies on sporting goods consumers in the German speaking world.Ottmar Franzen, Managing Director of Konzept & Markt, said: “Sports products are simply items that need this ‘look and feel... With sporting goods, not all of the information can be procured online... For example, tennis rackets need to be tested out or at least taken in hand. It’s exactly the same with a ski helmet or a pair of sports goggles. It’s different in other consumer areas.”The topic of sustainability had an important place in the survey, along with wearables and electronic products.Franzen said: “We were able – and in my view this is a major insight of the study – to more precisely define the significance of the term sustainability from the perspective of the consumer... So for buyers it’s not so much about environmentally friendly, social production and raw material extraction, rather more about enduring quality.”He added: “This can be seen in the sports sector as well as in other consumer areas. Sustainability means durability.”Read the full story here.