Steve Nash—Athlete, Humanitarian, Environmentalist, Filmmaker

Steve Nash—Athlete, Humanitarian, Environmentalist, Filmmaker
December 3, 2014
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The upcoming documentary “NASH” follows the journey of Steve Nash as a filmmaker, activist, entrepreneur, accomplished athlete, devoted father, and a global icon on and off the court. During his basketball career, Nash has played for the Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, and Los Angeles Lakers, and has been named a 7-time NBA All-Star and 2-time NBA MVP.

Throughout his career, Nash has been continually recognized for his character, community involvement, environmental concern, and desire to help others. The actions he has taken in his local communities include notable projects that align with his strong environmental ethic. A native of Canada, Nash captained BC Hydro’s "Team PowerSmart" in British Columbia, challenging electricity customers to reduce electricity use by 10% over 12 months.

During his time in Arizona, Nash was a utility spokesperson for renewable energy programs and it is due to his leadership that the Phoenix Suns installed the NBA's first solar power at the US Airways Center. To expand his impact through community development and environmental action, he founded the Steve Nash Foundation in 2001.  The Foundation works to improve the health, education and environments of underserved children.“NASH” features this impactful work that Steve Nash has championed throughout his career.

Fans will experience the story of Nash’s journey through the world of professional sports while trying to leave a lasting legacy as he nears the end of his NBA career. Learn more about the documentary. (