Speak Up For The Ocean on World Ocean Day

Speak Up For The Ocean on World Ocean Day
June 8, 2023
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Shay Strawser

Thursday, June 8, 2023

This World Ocean Day and every day, the World Surf League (WSL) and its WSL One Ocean initiative are committed to protecting and preserving our one ocean for generations to come.To celebrate World Ocean Day on June 8, we are thrilled to launch the "Speak Up for the Ocean" campaign!This campaign asks fans and partners to share their stories and sustainability initiatives through social media with the hashtag #WSLOneOcean. We are excited to leverage the platform to amplify the voices of people around the world who are taking action to protect our ocean and encourage others to do the same, with the goal of building a community of surfers, fans and ocean lovers around the world who are aligned with protecting our one ocean.Every sustainable choice we make, no matter how small matters. As surfers and ocean lovers we have the power to ignite a wave of change when we unite!Here's how you can help:GET INVOLVED

  • 📹 Record yourself doing a sustainable action. Big or small we want to see it all.
  • 📲 Post your video to your socials, tag @WSL and @WSLOneOcean and use the hashtag #WSLOneOcean
  • 👏 Celebrate all the people, communities and initiatives who are collectively protecting our one ocean


LEARN MORE in our Speak Up For the Ocean press release.

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