Solar-powered tables provide sustainable outdoor charging

Solar-powered tables provide sustainable outdoor charging
April 21, 2021
Posted by:
Garrett Wong

By Katrina FolsomTwo new solar-powered charging tables, located on the south side of West Quad and at the North Campus Recreation Building, offer U-M students and other members of the campus community a place to power up electronic devices outdoors.

Supported by Planet Blue Renewable Energy Demonstration Project funds, the tables increase the use of renewable energy, and promote health and wellness by enabling people to work, eat or relax outdoors while charging devices.The new tables join existing solar-powered charging tables at the Bob and Betty Beyster Building on North Campus and at Palmer Commons. Those tables were purchased by Students for Clean Energy in 2017 with support from the Planet Blue Student Innovation Fund.The tables support U-M’s campus sustainability goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote community engagement.The Office of Campus Sustainability managed the procurement and installation of the recently installed tables with support from Architecture, Engineering and Construction and Moving and Trucking.Read the original article here