Playing Our Part: The Bigger Play Around Super Bowl 50

Playing Our Part: The Bigger Play Around Super Bowl 50
February 3, 2016
Posted by:
Alex Tryon

TriplePundit By Robin Raj Founder and executive creative director of Citizen Group

So the circus has officially hit town, and we Bay Area residents are now bracing ourselves for the excitement, onslaught and hoopla surrounding the biggest of big games. And while some are quick to dismiss the Super Bowl as nothing but moneyball writ large, or fear a looming ‘Bowl-agedeon,’ this year there’s another story playing out that may not get the media attention it deserves.

That’s because the SF Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee has publicly committed to make this the first ‘net positive Super Bowl’ — a commitment to do more good than harm for Bay Area communities, socially, environmentally and economically. In other words, they are aiming to use the immense power of the world’s single largest one-day sports event as a platform to do good – and they should be acknowledged and applauded for it.It began with the Host Committee’s commitment more than a year ago to set aside 25 percent of all corporate sponsorship dollars raised around Super Bowl 50 to benefit local communities and our environment. A unique goal, to be sure. It followed with creation of The 50 Fund, a grant-making program that’s on track to deliver some $6 million dollars to more than 130 local non-profits. And it will come to life in these last days by inspiring local fans to play their part by reducing their collective impacts.Read the full article here.