New Northwest Coalition Forms to Address Climate Change

New Northwest Coalition Forms to Address Climate Change
January 15, 2020
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Jessica Crawford

By The Wave

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New Northwest coalition forms to address climate change

More than 100 business leaders and NGOs pledge to advance ambitious sustainability goals

SEATTLE, WA — On January 15, some of the biggest brands in the Northwest will form The Wave, a coalition of diverse partners who pledge to work together to tackle some of the biggest sustainability challenges the region faces. The pledge may be viewed at will launch a social media campaign to urge individuals and organizations throughout the Northwest to join the mission and become part of The Wave by signing the pledge at By demonstrating leadership in fighting climate change, The Wave will serve as a model for the nation.The more than 100 stakeholders of The Wave will work together to advance bold sustainability progress for the Northwest in five key areas: 100% clean energy, clean and equitable transportation, zero waste, healthy and sustainable food, and clean air and water. They represent zoos, aquariums, science and technology centers, hotels, restaurants, universities, sports teams, convention centers, airports, ski areas, venues, commissions, landmarks, the food industry, exhibitions, non-profits, and corporations.Following the launch, The Wave will host a series of sustainability symposia, where stakeholders will share best practices, form working groups, and advance initial on-the-ground projects designed to make progress in the five key areas.As The Wave’s pledge states, “We cannot wait. We will not wait.”“The impacts of climate change are happening already and causing severe impacts across the globe like the wildfires raging in Australia and that have hit the Northwest and California at historic levels in recent years,” said Gregg Small, executive director of Climate Solutions. “The combined reach of the diverse stakeholders of The Wave hold the potential to make a major difference in reducing carbon emissions and inspiring widespread public action that can demonstrate solutions that can scale across the nation.”In addition to their own individual work on environmental sustainability, stakeholders in The Wave pledge to share tangible resources with one another in order to accelerate and intensify their results. “We in the Northwest are uniquely positioned to serve and lead other regions in the country,” said Justin Zeulner, executive director of The Wave. “The culture here in the Northwest is known for its embrace of sustainability in so many areas – not only of our precious natural habitat and resources, but also for our vision for shared community, economic vitality, and social justice. We’re naturally drawn to collaboration, and now is an ideal time to take it to the next step with this coalition.”The Wave and its stakeholders identify five key program areas on which to focus their energies and resources:

  • 100% clean energy- make the Northwest the first region in the nation to be powered by 100% clean energy.
  • Clean and equitable transportation- promote safe, affordable, and accessible clean transportation for everyone in the Northwest.
  • Zero waste- honor the entire life cycle of materials to minimize environmental impacts and conserve natural resources.
  • Healthy and sustainable food- transition to sourcing and producing food in the Northwest that is healthier for people and the planet.
  • Clean air and water- ensure the Northwest has clean air and water for all species and all generations.

About The 

WaveThe Wave is a regional coalition who come together to accelerate environmental programs that mitigate climate change, engage youth, and strive for environmental justice. With a keen appreciation for the good work already being done by individual organizations, they recognize the need to do yet more.Stakeholders include zoos, aquariums, science and technology centers, hotels, restaurants, universities, sports teams, convention centers, airports, ski areas, venues, commissions, landmarks, the food industry, exhibitions, non-profits, and corporations. Collectively, they reach millions of people across the Northwest every year. For a complete list, please see Wave is a program of Climate Solutions, a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission of accelerating clean energy solutions to the climate crisis. More information is available at


Stakeholders available to talk with media

Tim Kuniholm
Director of Public Relations and Strategic Partnerships
Seattle Aquarium

Kerston Swartz
Director, Public Affairs and Advocacy
Woodland Park Zoo

Alan Varsik
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium + Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

Mara Mote
Sports Marketing Manager
Seattle Sports Commission

Jeff Blosser
President and CEO
Washington State Convention Center

Scott Cruickshank
General Manager
Metro Visitor Venues (Oregon Convention Center | Portland'5 Centers for the Arts | Portland Expo Center | Oregon Zoo)

Heather Back
Communications and Policy
Metro Visitor Venues

Peter McGraw
Maritime Media OfficerPort of Seattle/Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Kate Hudson
Aviation Communications Manager
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Jordan Elliott
Pacific Northwest Ski Area Association

Danielle Cobb
Marketing Communications Manager
Pacific Science Center
Send media requests to:

Brian McCullough
Ph.D. Associate Professor
Management Department
Seattle University
(408) 799-6072

Doug Kunnemann
Business Development Leader
Works(404) 862-0709

Sarah Woods
Chief Operating Officer
Ecology in Classrooms and Outdoors
(503) 680-2389

Gregg Small
Executive Director
Climate Solutions

Justin Zeulner
Executive Director
The Wave