Mobilizing for Protective Equipment Manufacturing & Sourcing Amidst COVID-19

Mobilizing for Protective Equipment Manufacturing & Sourcing Amidst COVID-19
April 1, 2020
Posted by:
Jessica Crawford

By LooptworksOur mission at Looptworks, day in and day out, is to protect what matters most. While this has always included conservation of the planet’s resources and our community, the past week has brought new meaning to our mission.As of this week, conserving what matters means mobilizing efforts and resources to help those fighting this crisis - from medical personnel to public servants to essential business employees. We at Looptworks have found ourselves in a position to do what we do best - reach out to those who need supplies, leverage our dispersed supply chain, and mobilize efforts quickly, all in the nature of contributing solutions rather than continuing business as usual.In response to the detrimental shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in hospitals and medical facilities across the United States, we have pivoted our on-site and off-site efforts to produce items in need like reusable, washable, CDC-compliant masks. We are also committing efforts to sourcing further PPE like gowns, disposable masks, and gloves from FDA-certified factories with quick delivery times. While our first priority is assisting medical personnel on the front-lines, we have also been sourcing this equipment for the likes of essential business employees at grocery stores, transportation services, medical logistics companies, and beyond.

Due to our long-rooted commitment to community and our B Corporation initiatives, we have long worked with a dispersed workforce that employs single parents, refugees, and other adults with barriers to employment whether they be physical or mental. Whether it be due to specific work schedule needs, physical limitations, or family needs, these employees and partners have home work studios set up with industrial grade equipment.

"As a result, we did not need to “retool” or ask employees to come into a factory setting where there would be greater risk for virus transmission. Rather, this work force was ready to mobilize and start producing immediately."

Additionally, this has allowed Looptworks to also continue on with other day-to-day business operations as needed.

While we have seen a multitude of challenges and blockers between the resources offered by business and the healthcare and public sector during these times, we are motivated and inspired by how so many of our partners and peers are doing everything in their power to contribute and to innovate. We have hope that the streams will start flowing more easily and that we all will be able to work together to overcome these issues.Lastly, during this time, we want to thank all of our business partners and supporters for their support and patience while we shift focus. Our online store is still live and orders are being fulfilled throughout the weeks. During these times, your support goes even further than ever before.

Need protective gear? Want to contribute or collaborate? Email with details and we’ll be in touch ASAP.Read the full article here.