Little League Stadiums Set Sustainability Records With Stellar LED Lights

Little League Stadiums Set Sustainability Records With Stellar LED Lights
September 6, 2019
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Jessica Crawford

By Annie Qureshi, Blue & Green Tomorrow

Sustainability is a growing concern for countless organizations around the world. Sports leagues around the world are pushing for more sustainability options.There are a number of ways sports teams are going green. The NFL is one of the leaders in sustainability in sports. It joined the Green Sports Alliance in 2018. One of its goals was to reduce waste at the Super Bowl by 90%.Some of the changes sports leagues are making don’t get as much attention, but they are still making a huge difference. One of the biggest changes is the integration of LED lights in sports stadiums.

LED Lights Are Helping Little League Stadiums Embrace Sustainability

Even at the Little League level, baseball requires high levels of lighting. When you need to illuminate smaller, faster-moving objects like baseballs efficiently, you need a stellar lighting system. As a result, Little League stadiums are moving forward and ditching inadequate, outdated fixtures in favor of cost-effective, high-quality LED lights, and they’re not looking back. Let’s go over a few reasons why.

LED Luminaires Enhance Gameplay

At any level of play, how your players and spectators experience the game is incredibly important. That’s why you need glare-free, comfortable lighting that mimics natural sunlight. LED luminaires provide a high color rendering index that matches the sun’s light better than any other type of lighting. Plus, an LED luminaires ability to focus light exactly where it’s needed reduces shadows and dull spots on the field.If you aren’t sure that LED Luminaires are the best for your stadium, just take a look at the highest league in baseball, the MLB. Their incredibly strict standards require 300 infield foot candles and 225 outfield foot candles of lighting for their fields. LED Luminaires are the most effective at reaching and surpassing those standards, and that’s why the MLB began using LED lighting in 2015.

LED Luminaires Cut the Carbon Footprint and Costs Significantly

Are you serious about cutting your carbon footprint? You should consider watching games at stadiums with LED lighting.If you could utilize a better product that would also drastically reduce your daily expenses, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity? LED lighting provides up to 80% energy savings over standard HID lighting, and LED Luminaires are rated for more than 100,000 hours—that’s 4x longer than the competition. That means you’ll be paying maintenance crews far less frequently to replace those difficult to reach bulbs. As an added bonus, LED lights don’t have ballasts like HID lights, cutting out one more easily-broken piece of equipment.LED Luminaires are also built to last. They are able to withstand wet conditions and harsh outdoor environments without needing replacement for extended periods of time. The Heavy-duty, lightweight and durable die-cast design is made for high wear resistance. Each product contains corrosion-resistant stainless-steel hardware, protecting your time and money against repairs and replacement.

Safety Comes First

This statement is especially true with the younger players in Little League. Whether your Little Leaguers are tripping over divots on a dimly-lit field or getting hurt when they get hit by the ball in dark corners, inadequate lighting is nothing short of dangerous.An LED Luminaires ability to cast focused, bright light in every direction eliminates dark areas and reduces the risk of injury. Plus, the glare-free LED light prevents a player from being blinded when searching for a fly ball. LED Luminaires are even safer for spectators, lighting up dangerous areas like bleachers, grass areas, and parking lots.

LED Lighting is the Perfect Option for Sustainable Sports Leagues

Sustainability is becoming more important in sports leagues than ever before. They are starting to embrace a number of changes to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the biggest ways that they are cutting their carbon footprint is by using LED lighting. This should help slow the progression of global warming in the years to come.Read the full article here.