Kia Oval Cricket Ground Significantly Reduce Plastic Waste

Kia Oval Cricket Ground Significantly Reduce Plastic Waste
September 21, 2018
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By Rachel Cooper, Climate Action

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The cricket ground has introduced a number of measures to reduce plastic waste.By installing water fountains and switching to reusable drinking vessels it has prevented roughly 690,000 pieces of plastic from being used at the venue.This follows the year anniversary of its partnership with Sky Ocean Rescue, with the goal to slash the amount of single-use plastic used at the cricket ground and become plastic free by 2020.Part of the scheme involved handing out 25,000 Sky Ocean rescue-branded reusable water bottles to reduce the need for disposable plastic bottles. They have also created the hashtag - #PassOnPlastic.Fiona Ball, Sky Ocean Rescue's head of responsible business, said: "Single-use plastic is a huge issue. Trillions of pieces of plastic are floating around our oceans, with another eight million tons introduced to this ecosystem every year. It never decomposes and will remain there forever. Working with the Kia Oval team has not only helped us bring this issue to life for an army of sports fans but also helped them make simple life changes that collectively make a big difference."Due to efforts from the surrey cricket ground, after this weekend’s final Test between England and India, 20,000 fewer plastic pint glasses will be taken to landfill.Richard Gould, Surrey County Cricket Club's chief executive, said: "Increasing the sustainability of our operation is a major priority at the Kia Oval as we work towards our goal of becoming single-use plastic free by 2020. It is a difficult journey, involving work in every area of our business and initiatives like this with Sky Ocean Rescue really help move us in the right direction."Read the full article here.