International Olympic Committee Launches "Sustainability Essentials"

International Olympic Committee Launches "Sustainability Essentials"
July 25, 2018
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International Olympic CommitteeThe International Olympic Committee's "Sustainability Essentials" series of guidelines aim to provide simple, practical and essential information on key aspects of sustainability for National Olympic Committees, International Sport Federations or any sports organisation who wants to learn more about sustainability and how to integrate sustainability into its operations. Whether your organisation is just starting out, or is already actively engaged in sustainability, these guidelines will provide valuable information in an easy to follow manner to help you and your teams navigate the complexities of this subject and develop effective sustainability programmes.


This is the first of our "Sustainability Essentials" series. These guidelines will provide you with a general understanding of sustainability: what it means, why it is important, how it relates to sport and what your organisation can do to be part of this critical endeavour.View the Sustainability Essentials Document.