How golf is tackling the biggest threat to its future

How golf is tackling the biggest threat to its future
May 20, 2020
Posted by:
Garrett Wong

By Today's Golfer

What golf must do to ensure it has a future.

The 400th issue of Today's Golfer is on sale now. We publish 13 issues a year, which maths fans will realise means we've been going for over 30 years.A lot has happened in golf during that time. Tiger Woods has won 82 PGA Tour events and 15 majors. The Pro V1 was born. Sky Sports was born. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – none of them existed when TG's first issue went to print.But we prefer to look forward, not back. Which is why, in this issue, we're tackling the single biggest issue facing golf – now and in the future.Sustainability.It may not be the sexiest subject, but sustainability simply means whether golf will be able to exist in the future. To us as golfers, that's a pretty big deal.Sustainability is the single biggest issue affecting our entire planet – not just golf. There are big questions to be answered. Questions that will shape our lifetimes and those of future generations.Thankfully, golf – a sport often seen as environmentally unsustainable – is actually leading the way when it comes to sustainability in sport.In our new issue, we have taken a detailed look at exactly what golf is doing to ensure it can – and will – have a sustainable future.Find the 400th issue of Today's Golfer here