High Tech Plates, Cups, and Flatware for Today’s Stadiums

High Tech Plates, Cups, and Flatware for Today’s Stadiums
March 30, 2016
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Author: Steve DaviesDirector - Public Affairs, NatureWorksVirtual reality gaming, smart watches, tablets, and smart phones, for example, are all recognizably high tech products. But compostable plates, cups, and flatware high tech? Most people would say, “Not so much.”Actually, a lot of engineering and material science goes into making compostable food serviceware consumer friendly, functional, and, most importantly for stadium use, industrially compostable. Over 300 people from Europe, Asia, and North America will meet in Orlando, Florida, at the international Innovation Takes Root global users’ forum March 30-April 1 to discuss the latest developments with Ingeo – the plastic made from plants, not oil. Ingeo is used as a moisture proof barrier for paper cups, as injection molded cutlery and “thermo-formed”, high clarity, clear cups, lids, plates, bowls, and packaging. These Ingeo serviceware products are 3rd party certified compostable, and enable stadiums to divert food waste and paper and plastic products away from landfills. Without extensive engineering to produce these naturally advanced materials, and without the expertise to transform the raw plastic pellets into products, these items simply would not be on the market. And technical capabilities and successes are exactly what attendees will be talking about during a conference technology sessions entitled The Food Serviceware World Series.


Jase Miller of the Minnesota Twins and Wendell Simonson of Eco Products will describe the waste diversion success story at Target Field. Eilidh Brunton from Vegware will also speak about waste diversion success stories in the UK. Phil Van Trump from MHG, Danny Mishek from Selfeco, Dr. Chinnawat Srirojpinyo from Thailand’s PTT MCC Biochem, and Shilpa Manjure from Nature-Tec will discuss their companies most recent work to enhance the performance of bioplastic food serviceware in terms of injection molding, coatings, and new composite materials. Justin Zeulner, Chief Operation Officer of the Green Sports Alliance, will explain how partnership between manufacturers, brands, and consumers is essential to the success of waste diversion programs. Tech-based food serviceware is a key focus of the Innovation Takes Rood conference.Compostable bioplastic cups can’t post a photo of you at a game, but high tech food serviceware make the sports stadium a ‘greener’ and a more sustainable community asset.Learn more about Innovation Takes Root.