HEINEKEN USA Partners with Cycle to Reward Inter Miami CF Fans for Recycling

HEINEKEN USA Partners with Cycle to Reward Inter Miami CF Fans for Recycling
March 17, 2022
Posted by:
Garrett Wong

By Inter Miami CF

HEINEKEN USA and Inter Miami CF in collaboration with Cycle, a recycling technology and data company founded by University of Miami alumni, launched a new recycling program at DRV PNK Stadium. Leveraging innovative technology to improve recycling efforts at stadium sporting events, Inter Miami fans can now find Heineken® branded Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) throughout the stadium where they can recycle their empty beverage containers and win rewards in return.

The machines are designed to engage fans and incentivize recycling efforts in a moment where many people may not have enough opportunities to recycle their products during an event. The process for the fans is simple: insert empty beverage containers at the machines, and scan a QR code to get a unique transaction ID. Once information is entered into the web app, users find out instantly if they are a winner and are given instructions for how to redeem their prize. The initiative will be promoted on the stadium’s videoboard and through PA announcements and Inter Miami fans will be able to win a variety of items including Heineken® 0.0, fan merchandise and exclusive access to stadium promotions, and even Inter Miami CF jerseys throughout the season.

The four RVMs are in the following locations throughout the stadium: two machines next to the Heineken Bar on the North side, one machines near section 120/121 (East side) and one machine near section 104/105 (West side).

The launch of this initiative supports HEINEKEN’s Brew a Better World ambitions aimed at creating a positive impact on the environment, social sustainability, and the responsible consumption of alcohol. These commitments build upon the progress the company has made since its initial launch in 2009.

“Through our efforts over the past decade with Brew a Better World, we have found that the best way to help consumers make sustainable choices is creating convenient opportunities that fit into real moments,” said Josephine Bertrams, SVP and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of HEINEKEN USA. “By meeting our consumers in more of these moments, this initiative seeks to eliminate the barriers fans may face at sporting events by encouraging and making it easier to make the responsible choice to recycle. As a passionate leader in supporting live events HEINEKEN USA is thrilled to be making sustainability more accessible and exciting for consumers with Cycle and Inter Miami.”

“Working with HEINEKEN USA and Cycle to make it easier for our fans to recycle at Inter Miami CF matches is a very important initiative for our club,” said Inter Miami VP of Marketing, Community and Fan Engagement, Chris Allan. “Through research and listening to our supporters, we learned sustainability is particularly important to our fan base and we want to do the best we can to ensure our fans have the resources to put the environment first when they are enjoying fútbol matches at DRV PNK Stadium.”

“Sports stadiums are an important part of American culture and represent a unique opportunity to educate and incentivize people to participate in the circular economy. The Cycle team is honored to be collaborating with HEINEKEN USA and Inter Miami CF to launch this first-of-its-kind stadium recycling program,” said Anwar Khan, co-founder of Cycle.

“We want to make recycling collections more efficient while rewarding fans for their sustainable behavior, and our CTO, Harrison Mount, worked hard in conjunction with FanUp.io to make sure that process is simple, fast, and fun for the fans,” added Connor Pohl, co-founder of Cycle.

Globally, as an important part of the HEINEKEN’s EverGreen balanced growth strategy, HEINEKEN remains committed to a path to net zero emissions and is working toward achieving zero waste by 2025. HEINEKEN aims to reduce its carbon footprint through an effort to cut overall emissions 30% by 2030 and decarbonize its full value chain by 2040. For more information on Brew a Better World 2030, click here.Read the original article here