#GreenSportsDay - Minnesota United FC

#GreenSportsDay - Minnesota United FC
October 6, 2019
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Jessica Crawford

Allianz Field Sustainability

Together, Allianz Field and Minnesota United FC are committed to creating a sustainable and environmentally conscientious facility. We use a three-bag system to limit the amount of waste produced at Allianz Field. On gamedays, please help us by sorting your waste into the organics, recycling or trash receptacles.Three-Bag SystemMNUFC and Allianz Field have partnered with BizRecycling and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce’s Waste Wise program and, with the help of our environmentally conscious supporters, are striving for a first-year diversion rate of 50%. This means that half of all the waste produced by the facility is prevented from ending up in a landfill.The key to achieving a high diversion rate is properly sorting materials into the correct bags. Allianz Field utilizes the three-bag system to separate organics, recyclables and trash. Each recycling and waste station is marked with appropriate labels showing the products and items that should be placed into the corresponding bag. You can help Allianz Field and Minnesota United to meet our sustainability goals by sorting your waste into the correct receptacles!Green TeamKeeping recycling and organics from ending up in a landfill starts with you! By placing your waste in the correct bin, you can help reduce the environmental footprint of Allianz Field. To help you make the right decision, Minnesota United Green Team Ambassadors are at your service. With the knowledge and resources provided by BizRecycling, Green Team Ambassadors can provide all the necessary education and guidance around our sustainability initiatives.Learn more here.