Green Sports Day: Honda Center & Anaheim Ducks

Green Sports Day: Honda Center & Anaheim Ducks
August 4, 2018
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Kelley Martin

HONDA CENTER MAKES THE SWITCH TO PAPER STRAWSPlastic Straws Will No Longer Be Available Effective Thursday, September 20 At The Anaheim Ducks First Preseason GameHonda Center will no longer supply single-use plastic straws beginning September 20 at the first preseason game for the Anaheim Ducks. Recyclable paper straws will be available upon request replacing single-use plastic drinking and cocktail straws, and a limited number of plastic straws will remain available upon request for those with special needs.“At Honda Center we continually look for ways to be more environmentally friendly. This is a small step that we ask our guests to take with us to advance the long-term sustainability goals of the arena. By making the switch, we will replace an annual average of over 750,000 plastic straws,” said Honda Center President/CEO and Anaheim Ducks VP/COO Tim Ryan.The switch to paper straws is just the next step in sustainability efforts for Honda Center and the Anaheim Ducks. In 2013, Honda Center and Bloom Energy partnered to offset two million pounds of CO2 annually and generate power through a clean and efficient electrochemical process providing 80% of the venue’s base load power and 25% during an event. Honda Center currently utilizes compostable plates, trays, bowls, napkins (also recycled), forks, knives and spoons throughout concessions, in-seat, suite and a majority of catering operations.


The Anaheim Ducks and Honda Center were among the first NHL teams/arenas to join the NHL’s Gallons for Goals program, which raises consciousness about water scarcity issues and encourages water conservation by fans, players and employees. As part of that program, the Anaheim Ducks & Honda Center use comparative metrics gathered from arenas across North America to identify areas and practices that lessen water usage.The Ducks also host their annual Eco Challenge that highlights their sustainability program and encourages community conservation. Last year, more than seven tons of e-waste and used goods were collected, and 16,000 pounds of paper was collected to be recycled at the event."As both a venue and team, we are constantly evaluating our operations in order to identify areas for improvement," said Kevin Starkey, Honda Center's VP/COO. "Our environmental performance is no different, and we're excited to take the next step in our sustainability efforts."Honda Center plans to responsibly dispose of the single-use plastic straws currently in inventory by donating to local charitable organizations.