For This Young Professional, Junior Athletics Blossomed Into a CSR Career

For This Young Professional, Junior Athletics Blossomed Into a CSR Career
November 20, 2018
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By Danielle Grenier, TriplePundit

Junior Athletics blossomed into CSR career

In the U.S., 81 percent of Generation Z say they’re looking for purpose in their work, according to a recent report from American Express. Many are finding that purpose in the corporate responsibility and sustainability fields. As this next generation enters the workforce, we wanted to find out what draws them to careers in this space, so we are publishing a series of personal essays from young professionals about what their new CSR or sustainability careers mean for them.first began to think about corporate social responsibility (CSR) more than 20 years ago when I played competitive junior tennis. The backstory of the athletic brands I wore always intrigued me.

I remember asking where and how my Nike clothes were made—and by whom.Little did I know that this curiosity would lead me to explore the topic of CSR in more than 25 countries, attend dozens of conferences, earn a Master’s degree in the field and, later, advise Fortune 500 companies on corporate citizenship and socially responsible investing.In three years as an analyst at Corporate Insight, a private consulting and competitive intelligence research firm for Fortune 500 companies, I advised leading asset managers on the digital user experience across multiple channels. I discovered a range of industry best practices and trends through exposure to market events, product offerings, marketing and social media strategies, practice management, educational resources, and thought leadership. In blog posts for Corporate Insight, I wrote about how CSR, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, and sustainable investing are influencing and shaping the current asset management industry.