e-Stewards Announces Employment Benefit Program for the Autism Community

e-Stewards Announces Employment Benefit Program for the Autism Community
September 20, 2019
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Jessica Crawford

By e-Stewards NewsSeattle, WA. September 5, 2019. Today, e-Stewards®, the ethical electronics recycling certification program, announced the launch of the e-Stewards ADVANCE+ program. ADVANCE+ is a workforce development program created to provide electronics recycling jobs for the often-overlooked community of people with autism and other disabilities, who have proven to be reliable and productive employees. The ADVANCE+ program will help prepare and match e-Stewards recyclers with this outstanding workforce.Today one in five Americans is diagnosed with a disability, yet less than 20% participates in the US labor force. People with autism, a population representing 1 in 59 children in the US, struggle with even higher levels of unemployment despite their demonstrated aptitudes for most scopes of work involved in the recycling of electronics.

In 2020, the ADVANCE+ program, based on the successful e-Stewards Certified Blue Star Recyclers (Denver, CO) model, will provide training for 10 certified e-Stewards Recyclers to become ADVANCE+ e-Stewards, and thus providing job opportunities for people with autism and other disabilities. Those chosen for the program will receive a comprehensive training program from the nationally recognized expert James Emmett & Company, who has successfully developed workforce inclusion programs for Walgreens, Office Depot, Pepsico, and Best Buy.“ In our experience, people with autism and other disabilities represent a labor solution for our industry, which has struggled to acquire and retain entry level workers. For over ten years our employees have posted near-perfect occupational metrics for attendance, productivity, retention, and safety.” said Bill Morris, CEO of Blue Star Recyclers and a member of the e-Stewards Leadership Council. Starting on October 1, interested e-Stewards Certified recyclers can apply to be a part of the program. Those chosen will be trained in workforce development and integration. The training program, valued at $30,000 each, will cost e-Stewards Recyclers only $2,000, as it is already underwritten by corporate foundation donors. In addition to onsite training, e-Stewards will receive a manual and have access to ongoing mentoring. For-profit recyclers may find they are eligible for government tax benefits.

“We now have a terrific new opportunity to equip the recycling industry with a superlative and uniquely talented workforce while providing new opportunities for meaningful employment for a largely underserved population,” said Bob Akers, e-Stewards Enterprise Director. ADVANCE+ joins the e-Stewards Digital Equity (eDE) program in offering innovative opportunities for e-Stewards Recyclers to participate in social programs aiding their cities and communities. These programs enhance the e-Stewards bottom line directly while providing the world’s most ethical recyclers, with inspirational narratives and increased visibility.

Note: This program’s name was changed to ADVANCE+ to prevent confusion.

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Bob Akers, e-Stewards Enterprise DirectorEmail: bob@e-stewards.org+1 (206) 436-8595

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