AmericanAirlines Arena World’s First LEED Gold-Recertified Sports Facility

AmericanAirlines Arena World’s First LEED Gold-Recertified Sports Facility
January 22, 2015
Posted by:
Alex Tryon

Five years after receiving its first LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami has furthered its commitment to sustainable operations and principles. The home of the NBA’s Miami Heat has been rewarded for that dedication by receiving the first LEED Gold recertification ever granted to a sports and entertainment facility by the USGBC. Some notable achievements by AmericanAirlines Arena include:

  • Chemical-free maintenance of the building exterior to prevent potential contamination of groundwater and soil erosion
  • The installation of efficient plumbing to reduce water use by over 4 million gallons from previous levels
  • The diversion of over 330,000 pounds of waste from landfills
  • Sustainable purchasing policies for cleaning and office supplies
  • Underground parking and a reflective roof surface to reduce the “heat island” effect of the stadium footprint
  • A commitment to renewable energy sources and efficient energy use in collaboration with Bonneville Environmental Foundation

“The HEAT Group is very proud to be a leader of the sustainability movement in both our industry and our beloved city,” HEAT Group president of business operations Eric Woolworth said about the recertification. “Achieving LEED Gold is the fantastic culmination of our ongoing efforts over the past five years to behave in an environmentally responsible way that has a positive effect on our community and our planet."