Allianz Field Gets Even Greener In 2023

Allianz Field Gets Even Greener In 2023
October 5, 2023
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Shay Strawser

Dave Reidinger

Thursday, Oct 5, 2023, 10:17 AM

Our fans know that the in-game experience at Allianz Field is second to none. And, with Green Sports Day coming up on October 6, we’re more excited than ever to highlight our continuing efforts to keep Allianz Field as a beacon of modern sustainability in our community and within the world of sports. It’s a mission that we have championed since the stadium’s construction and opening, but with each passing year we continue to explore new, innovative solutions that continue to evolve our organization’s goals to increase our eco-friendliness and decrease our carbon footprint within our community. And in 2023, those new solutions are already making a difference.

So far this year, Allianz Field holds a total diversion of waste percentage of 75.67% overall, an impressive number that has been achieve throughout significant improvements in a number of key areas:

  • Pallet Recycling : 13364 lbs. Better tracking has helped ensure that more of this waste is kept out of landfills
  • Metal Recycling: 6360 lbs. Like pallet recycling, these recycled metals are kept out of landfills
  • Tech Recycling: 3579 lbs. Recycling TV’s, batteries, as well as other small electronics
  • Rock and Wrap It Up!: 3738 lbs. In partnership with DNC, this new 2023 initiative takes food that has already been prepared and donates it to feed the local community

And, the efforts to be greener don’t just include reducing waste and recycling. To start the year, our newest, greener goal was to devote a more concentrated focus to scheduling of the lights and HVAC system with the hope of minimizing the time conditioning a room without any occupants. Up to this point, our stadium has been able to reduce electrical consumption by 28% and natural gas usage by 14% in comparison to 2022. Those reductions have already made an amazing impact on the community, as the stadium has now reduced its carbon footprint by 432 metric tons of carbon dioxide. That’s equivalent to 48,590 gallons of gasoline saved from consumption!

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Through our modern green-building practices, MNUFC will continue to find and enact ways to make Allianz Field even more sustainable with each passing year. But, we know we can’t do it alone, and on October 6, we are excited to extend an invitation to all that are able to join us for our Community Clean-Up event, as we recognize Green Day In Sports by banding together to pick up trash around the Midway community. Hope to see you at Allianz Field this Friday!