49ers announce Faithful to the Planet initiative alongside a collection of Corporate Partners

49ers announce Faithful to the Planet initiative alongside a collection of Corporate Partners
April 26, 2023
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Shay Strawser

April 25, 2023


Focused on sustainability and environmentalism, the program engages a coalition of 49ers corporate partners to support local and global projects working to save the planet

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Today the San Francisco 49ers announced the Faithful to the Planet initiative, a charitable initiative led by the NFL franchise’s corporate partnership department and several 49ers corporate partners that aims to make a collective impact for good, specifically with sustainability and environmental projects that align with shared corporate social responsibility goals between the 49ers and their partners. When partners choose to be a part of the program, they select one of three environmentally-focused projects for the 49ers to make a donation to on the partner’s behalf.

Faithful to the Planet launched with the help of several founding partners including Cadence, Levi’s, Pepsi, SAP, SunPower, Toyota and United. Other partners, both new and existing, will have the opportunity to join and contribute to the program and its beneficiaries.

Charitable giving is powered by Dollar Donation Club, a public 501(c)(3) charitable organization that aims to unify people to conquer the world’s biggest environmental challenges and form the world’s first collective super-philanthropist. Dollar Donation Club hyperfocuses Faithful to the Planet’s charitable donations to the following environmentally-focused projects.

  • Save the Redwoods League: Headquartered in San Francisco, Save the Redwoods League protects and restores California’s coast redwood and giant sequoia forests and connects people with their peace and beauty. Since 1918, they have protected more than 220,000 acres in 66 state, national and local parks and reserves and are actively advancing large-scale restoration projects and healing forests affected by logging, intense wildfires, and climate change.
  • Plastic Fischer: Based on the estimation that 50% of all ocean plastic pollution comes from a small number of polluted rivers, Plastic Fischer deploys floating barriers or “trashbooms” that collect plastic waste in rivers.
  • Trees for the Future: By helping sub-Saharan farmers implement “Forest Gardens,” Trees for the Future restores soil nutrients, plants trees and provides communities with year-round access to highly nutritious organic food.

“Faithful to the Planet showcases the 49ers continued commitment to a more sustainable future and better planet for everyone,” said Kevin Hilton, 49ers VP of Corporate Partnerships. “Over the past several years, many of our corporate partners have expressed an interest in getting involved with our organization’s sustainability efforts. We created this program as a way to harness that interest and use it to create a lasting impact on the environment.”

“The 49ers have passionately selected underdog environmental projects that are proven to make a measurable difference, while also harnessing the power of collective giving,” said Seth Blaustein, Founder & CEO at Dollar Donation Club. “Faithful to the Planet demonstrates the 49ers leadership in sports sustainability, and we’re incredibly proud to be a partner.”

“Saving California’s spectacular coast redwood and giant sequoia forests is an extraordinary investment in our future for their climate benefits and the joy that they bring to millions of park visitors every year,” said Suzanne Moss, Director of Public and Institutional Funding at Save the Redwoods League. “The 49ers Faithful to the Planet initiative is a wonderful commitment to creating a more sustainable future in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.”

Faithful to the Planet extends the team’s long-standing commitment to “being green” by implementing and encouraging sustainable business practices. To learn more about the 49ers focus on sustainability, visit the Levi's® Stadium Media Guide.

For more information on Faithful to the Planet, including a full list of supporting corporate partners and quantifiable impacts made through donations, visit the program website.

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