4 Denver music venues to use new reusable cup system

4 Denver music venues to use new reusable cup system
January 13, 2022
Posted by:
Garrett Wong

By Alexander Kirk, 9News

DENVER — Concert promoter AEG Presents has announced a new plan to remove single-use plastic at all of its Denver venues.

AEG Presents said it is partnering with reusable cup system r.Cup on a new wash hub facility in Denver.

The r.Cup wash hub provides sustainable reusable cup and serve ware services to any location that uses single-use waste, such as venues, festivals, restaurants, food courts, airports and corporate campuses. r.Cup’s reuse system has been installed at four venues in Denver: Bluebird Theater, Gothic Theatre, Mission Ballroom and Ogden Theatre.

r.Cup will supply the venues with the reusable cup inventory, collection and sanitization needs for all shows — completely eliminating thousands of single-use and disposable cups each week.

“We can’t think of a better partner than AEG and their vast network of venues to set the stage, ignite the awareness and support needed to grow impact through reuse,” said Michael Martin, CEO and Founder of r.Cup. “It’s exciting to give guests an easy action they can take to help our environment while also helping our partners meet their zero waste and ESG goals.”

“Sustainability has been a focus of operation for the Mission Ballroom since day one, and we are excited to see this partnership with r.Cup producing impactful results across all of our venues,” said Jake Hiersteiner, VP of Operations, AEG Presents Rocky Mountains.

“A staggering amount of single-use plastic has been diverted from the waste stream, and response from patrons has been overwhelmingly positive. In a high volume, fast-paced environment, it can be difficult to implement meaningful change. This program is clearly hitting the mark. We hope that our patrons will take pride in their role in the process, and that this partnership adds to the quality concert experience we always aim to provide and improve."

Founded in 2017, r.Cup said its goal is to help eliminate the more than four billion single-use aluminum and plastic disposable cups used at live events in North America each year. r.Cup has been activated at thousands of events in over 70 cities, 30 U.S. states, 12 countries and 90 venues to date.