Matt Adler

Director of Corporate & Sports Partnerships

Matt Adler is the Director of Corporate and Sports Partnerships for the Green Sports Alliance. Matt works closely with our Corporate Member Network and nonprofit partners to vet and promote technology, products, and services that will help our sports members achieve their sustainability goals. Matt also helps to produce our annual summit, along with webinars, symposiums and other GSA events.

Before joining the GSA, Matt was the Head of Business Development at Turvo, which is a transportation management solution for the logistics and supply chain. He hired and managed a team of five to help Turvo surpass its sales targets and help its customers eliminate inefficiencies and save money. Before Turvo, Matt worked at a supply chain optimization technology called LLamasoft, where he was able to gain experience helping large organizations create a benchmark measurement of their greenhouse gas emissions and build a roadmap to optimize their network for sustainability. He served as the first president of LLamaCARES, the company’s nonprofit division.

Matt has experience in both qualitative and quantitative research, data analysis, public relations, and policy. He studies social relations and policy at James Madison College within Michigan State University. He roots for Detroit sports and is a huge MSU fan. Matt is passionate about sustainability, social justice, and helping others. He enjoys volunteerism and giving back to the local community. He lives in Carlsbad, CA, just outside of San Diego. He likes playing basketball, hiking, spending time at the beach, live music, and the outdoors.