Katie Gavitt

Associate Manager of Operations, Member Services, Communications, & Events

Katie Gavitt is the Events, Membership, & Contract Coordinator at the Green Sports Alliance. She assists in finding the connections between sports entities and corporate partners for a more sustainable future in the establishments. She manages parts of event greening for Green Sports Alliance’s advisory services & assists in marketing & communications.

She graduated in December 2022 with her Sports MBA from San Diego State University. Her Undergrad is in Communications at San Francisco State University. She spent her early career in hotels and restaurants in the Bay Area, then transitioned to education in Spain. While getting her MBA, she worked for UCSD athletics, San Diego Wave FC, & Snapdragon Stadium.

Katie enjoys weight lifting & yoga. She loves live music & making playlists for her friends. You will either catch her chasing the sunshine or trekking to the snowiest mountains to snowboard.