Sports, Carbon & Climate: Where We Go From Here

Sports, Carbon & Climate: Where We Go From Here
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October 16, 2019
10:00 am
11:00 am
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Major news outlets are covering climate-related stories like Greta Thunberg, youth climate strikes, and proposed carbon pricing legislation like never before. And that is a necessity since, according to the IPCCC, humanity has 11 years at best to decarbonize by 45% in order to avoid the most calamitous effects of climate change. What is the sports world doing about the climate crisis? And how can the sports world do more and do it faster? We will discuss these questions and more during our October webinar, Sports, Carbon & Climate. Speakers: Moderator: Lewis Blaustein | GreenSportsBlog, LBS Green Consulting Nancy Bsales | Expert Carbon Offset Provider and Strategist Eric Fine | Project Manager, Yale Program on Climate Change Communication Steve Hams | Director of Engagement, Business Climate Leaders Kevin Wilhelm | CEO, Sustainable Business Consulting Registration open now!

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