Playbook Webinar: All Sports Are Water Sports

Playbook Webinar: All Sports Are Water Sports
Original Event Date:
March 20, 2024
1:00 pm
3:00 pm
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Benjamin Ellah
Paul Sambanis
Christy Harowski
Matthew Howard
Victor Ferré
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Original Event Description

We are welcoming Stantec, Sloan, Xylem, The Water Council and US Water Alliance for a 1-hour deep dive into the All Sports Are Water Sports Playbook! Our panelists are highlighting the importance of water best practices and tips for venues to become driving forces for water protection and restoration. We will also share lessons learned and practical approaches to reduction, reclamation, reuse, and replenishment.

Join us for an engaging Playbook Session that delves into water with our Play to Zero Playbook contributors and Green Sports Alliance resident water experts. Together, we’ll play our part in advancing sustainability in sports and entertainment.

Meet our panelists:

  • Benjamin Ellah, Senior Mechanical Technologist at Stantec
  • Paul Sambanis, Vice President of Sustainability at Sloan
  • Christy Harowski, Value of Water Campaign Director at the US Water Alliance
  • Matthew Howard, Vice President of Water Stewardship at The Water Council
  • Victor Ferré, Senior Director of Vertical Marketing for Building Solutions at Xylem
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